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Outdoor Cooler Zone 2020

Outdoor Cooler Zone 2020

How to Keep Foods and Drinks Cold in Camping?


We all love to take food and drinks on our camping trip. This is one of the safest things we can do to keep us feed all the time even in difficult outdoor conditions where there are no stores for foods.



In this massive article, I will be talking about some essential tips on preserving foods and drinks during any outdoor trip. I will be showing you the exact ways on how you can keep foods and drinks cold on your camping trip.


Let's get to it:


Pick a Portable Cooler or Ice Chest


Portable cooler or ice chests are the very first thing you can take to preserve your foods and drinks in camping. These are specially made for holding ice frozen for a long time without electricity. Since the coolers are small and portable, anyone can carry this in their camp area. You may get some good performing ice chests here –


Using a portable cooler, we are going to keep our necessary foods and drinks cold for a long time. Some portable cooler comes with the capacity of holding ice for more than a week. If you are planning for a long weekend, these are the right fit for you. However, there are so many brands offering various types of ice chests for campers, fishermen, travelers, and other outdoor enthusiasts. What you can do is pick the right size cooler to that you can preserve as many foods and drinks as you want to.


Pack the Cooler in Right Way


After selecting a portable ice chest, the next thing is to make sure that you pack the cooler in a proper way. The proper way means the way that improves the ice retention capacity of a cooler. I usually pack my cooler in the following way:


  1. First, I collect dry ice as they work best in preserving foods for the longest time. You can easily get this dry ice in your nearest shop.
  2. I usually keep the foods and drinks on my refrigerator the night before going on camping. I also try to pre-cool the drinks so that they remain cold for a long time.
  3. I usually make a layer of dry ice on the bottom of the cooler. This is the first layer of items inside the cooler.
  4. After keeping the ice, I pack the second layer with foods like meat or something that I will use on the very last time of the camping trip.
  5. After the second layer, I make another layer of ice.
  6. Now it's time to keep the drinks. I usually take my favorite drinks on my camping trip. I also try to pack small cans as they take less space inside the cooler.
  7. After putting the drinks, I pack more ice on the top of the bottles or cans.
  8. After that, I put snacks or frequent items on the top layer of the cooler. This is because I will easily find these items during my camping trip.
  9. Finally, I make sure each and every corner of the cooler is packed with my foods, drinks or ice. I never keep any empty space inside the cooler. Because empty space holds air and this air ultimately responsible for melting ice faster.


Every time I try to pack my cooler in the right way and get better ice retention time. I believe that you will also be able to get the best ice retention time from your cooler.


If you found this article helpful in keeping foods and drinks cold during any outdoor trip, feel free to share it on your social media.

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