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Establishing a Trauma Centre in Northern Uganda

Establishing a Trauma Centre in Northern Uganda

Dear donors,


First of all, EACH “Empowerment Action for Community Health Uganda" and myself are proud to inform you that we have made significant progress with moving ahead to realize our trauma centre in Lira, northern Uganda. This has happened thanks to your support! The centre will help to empower those affected after facing two decades of civil war: people who have been ritually terrorised; sexually exploited and abused; forced to kill; and forced to watch beatings, rape and killing of friends and relatives. So far, your funds allowed us to finance land acquisition and even to go ahead to construct one block of the building at least to the foundation level. All in all, we were able to raise about 3,000 Euros. Of course, we want to keep moving this project successfully forward.


“We are really trying our best to mobilize funds locally to construct the building, and just last week we raised 1,200,000 Uganda shillings. We are using this money to raise the wall of the building as we continue working hard for more. On the side of the latrine, we have now completed plastering, and are finishing the painting.” (Daniel, EACH Uganda)


“To our esteem donors, our great donors bought the land, built the toilet and the building of the wall is in progress, we have gone far and soon hope will begin to shine on the faces of the victims of war, rape and domestic violence.” (Victoria, EACH Uganda)


Establishing the trauma centre will not only support Ugandan victims of war, but also become an important help for those currently fleeing the civil war in South Sudan. Uganda has welcomed an unprecedented number of refugees with open arms, maintaining open borders to people fleeing war and violence. However, the influx of South Sudanese refugees fleeing to neighbouring countries has become the fastest growing refugee crisis in the world.


Most importantly, this follow up of our initiative earlier this year should briefly inform you about where your money has been spent. Further, we are very much humbled and look forward to continued interest and engagement with this outstanding project and its great cause to be completed.


Please help us to move forward with training facilities and donate an amount of your choice! 


Thank you,

Sophie & EACH 



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