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NHS Support Fund: One Million Masks Project

NHS Support Fund: One Million Masks Project



Dr Mathews / Kieran Phillips / Jonathan Penna


Over 31,000 doctors have signed a petition calling for more to be done to provide adequate PPE for NHS staff. It is vitally important that NHS workers, Doctors and Nurses are able to treat patient with adequate protective masks. Thousands of NHS workers do not have adequate masks, goggles, gowns and gloves as we tackle this escalating crisis. A lack of PPE is putting workers in danger. At least three NHS doctors have died after contracting coronavirus.


Due to strong professional relationships, we can secure an abundant supply of FFP2 Masks, surgical masks from certified equipment manufacturers to be shipped in the UK.  100% of donations will go directly into the acquisition and delivery of the FFP2 masks, surgical masks and Personal Protective Equipment for frontline healthcare workers in the UK's busiest Emergency Rooms and Intensive Care Units.

Our Goal


Our goal is to acquire, distribute, and deliver a million masks to hospitals with the help of your donations! If we surpass our goal, we will keep purchasing additional FFP2 & ventilators for frontline healthcare workers until every last penny is spent.


Our Commitment


Once the masks are delivered, we will mark our mask drop-offs on this page, so you can stay updated on where the donations are going. We will be posting stories and photos of our contributions, hand-offs, and the doctors you are helping on our Instagram (@one_million_masks).




How will the funds be used? 


100% of the funds will go directly to facilitating the purchase and delivery of masks and other urgent Personal Protective Equipment for frontline healthcare workers in the UK's largest hospitals. Our team is donating their time and have foregone compensation for their work. No one on the leadership team for One Million Masks is benefiting financially in any way from this campaign. We are committed to ensuring that our suppliers are giving us the most competitive rates available for CE-licensed, medical-grade masks so that we can make sure that each penny we raise is maximized for efficacy. If we raise enough money and have enough access to supplies, we hope to expand our donations to other hospitals in need. 


What have you accomplished so far?  


We have contact within the PPE supply chain for CE-licensed medical masks from reputable manufacturers: (e.g. 3M, Medline, Beijing Cap High Technology). We have direct relationships with Hospitals and NHS Trusts in UK and are in touch with many Clinical Practitioners and Physicians and have assessed their needs.


What is your current most pressing need?


We can acquire 1,000,000 FFP2 masks ready to be shipped but require funds to secure the order. The inventory is disappearing every day as every infected country in the world is competing for supplies. We can access this inventory due to our strong network. The more funding we secure as soon as possible means, the more masks we can get for frontline healthcare workers. 


Why aren’t the hospitals & government ordering these masks directly? 


Hospitals, as well as government agencies, are trying their best to procure masks. However, due to supply chain limitations and global competition, they are currently experiencing extreme shortages. We are fortunate to have close relationships with many of the factories producing masks as all our team working in the field.


How is this one different? 


Your donation will go directly to support the acquisition of masks & other urgent FFP2 for Uk healthcare staff at the frontlines of COVID-19. Because of the global shortage of masks & PPE, your funds will be able to get equipment that is in great need and out of reach for hospitals currently. Unlike other charities, ours is related directly to the supply of masks & PPE, because we believe that protecting our frontline healthcare workers is the most important thing to do right now.


How are you procuring the masks? 


Through our volunteer network, we are fortunate to have close relationships with some of the largest surgical mask suppliers in the world. The manufacturers are certified with the European Union to supply medical equipment. We have verified and have copies of their certification.


How are you distributing the masks? 


Through our volunteer network, we will be personally hand-delivering the masks to frontline medical workers at their hospitals, so that they get into the right hands.


Are donations tax deductible?


 Currently, donations are not tax-deductible. If you know of a charity in this space that would like to sponsor our effort, we would love to partner with them. Until then, we have realized that the need is so urgent that we must move forward and hope that you will donate. 


I am an ER/ICU healthcare professional at a London hospital that is currently treating COVID-19 patients. We are short of masks. How do we request masks? Please send us an email through the LinkedIn of someone from the team. Aside from donations, how can we help? You can share this campaign and give a hand for the delivery. 



The Team 


Dr Mathews


I am a Doctor with a background in adult medicine.  One of the things that many of my friends and colleagues on the frontline are worrying about is having adequate and safe supplies of PPE to use at work. This is vital to keep healthcare workers safe and healthy whilst we work. I know lots of people are keen to try and help the NHS in any way that they can. So when Kieran asked if I would like to help with this project I agreed as I hope it will provide another way for people to help our NHS. I know Kieran and Jonathan are planning to use their known contacts to help procure more supplies for our hospitals.


Jonathan Penna 


I have been working in finance in New York, Singapour & finally Hong Kong. I have been back in the UK for seven months. I'm now working as a consultant at Projectus Consulting with a specialisation in market access within medical. I hold an MSC in finance from HEC Paris and a BBA from EDHEC business school. I personally lost someone from my family infected by the Covid-19, I'm indeed deeply motivated to help the NHS during this crisis. I truly hope that you endeavour to support our health workers during this pandemic.


Kieran Phillips 


I am a Graduate in Law and Science, a Consultant at Projectus, specialised in Regulatory Affairs and Engineering. My passion has been helping Medical device companies develop, innovate, and certify their products for market so that patients can benefit from a vast range of incredible technologies. I am personally highly-invested in the NHS through a close network of both friends and family and firmly believe that the NHS is a national treasure to be highly cherished, supported, respected and looked after.



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