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Notre Dame Reconstruction

Organised for: Arkadiusz Stypka

Hello everyone & welcome to this money pot!


My heart breaks for the people of Paris after seeing the fire at Notre Dame Cathedral.


Let's rebuild it TOGETHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The Notre-Dame de Paris cathedral dates to the twelfth century and includes a mix of stonework for structural support and wood for the main roofs and its iconic spire. The latter was a nineteenth-century recreation, in oak covered with lead; the original spire was removed in 1786.

In recent years, the cathedral had started to show significant wear, with some of the stonework chipping off. Philippe Villeneuve, architect-in-chief of historic monuments in France, stated in July 2017 that "pollution is the biggest culprit."Cathedral officials estimated that they needed a total of US$185 million in repairs to restore the building. The French government deemed the cathedral in need of maintenance and restoration and passed an emergency appeal in 2018 for US$50 million in repairs. At the time of the fire, it was undergoing renovations on the spire, estimated to cost US$6.8 million. Scaffolding had been erected around the roofs. Stone, copper, and bronze statues, including statues of the twelve Apostles, had been removed from the site days prior to the fire in preparation for the renovations.



Thank you!

Organised by

Arkadiusz Stypka