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Organisé pour : self-sustainability for the refugees and for humanity


Who are we?


The 1000 Village project aims to rehabilitate Rohingya refugees in Malaysia fleeing from persecution. The Rohingya people are often said to be amongst the worlds most persecuted minority, comprising of up to 100,000 of all Malaysian refugees. Having being denied Burmese citizenship under the 1982 Citizenship Law in Myanmar, the Rohingya people are left stateless and lost for identity. However, their challenge does not end there. Despite escaping immediate genocide, living in fear remains a constant reality for the Rohingya people, and the threat of losing their livelihoods continues to resonate. In Malaysia today, these refugees are refused the right to an education, are not allowed to work legally and are often the targets of vicious organ harvesting attacks. They are left helpless with no one to care or listen.


What we do:


The 1000 Village Project aims to provide a sustainable future for refugees fleeing persecution to Malaysia, and is currently developing a detailed strategy to create a permaculture which will conquer the cycle of persecution and dependence, presenting the opportunity for self-sufficiency. Despite being provided refugee cards by the United Nations High Comission for Refugees (UNHCR), the Rohingya people are forbidden by law to work and are denied their personal autonomy. Without the ability to work, these refugees cannot break out from persecution and reinstate a sense of independence. 


Our Solution


In addressing the issue, our Project will focus directly on affording these refugees the opportunity to live self-sufficiently, in a way in which they can grow their own crops, build infrastructure for the village and actively participate at school to learn life skills.


We will immediately buy land and provide the refugees with basic living necessities, before gathering with volunteers from all around the world to build a village of ten houses to accommodate the Rohingya peoples. We are inspired to expand our vision, building subsequent villages systematically to mitigate the current situation and cease such societal inequities. The permastructure will also include sustainable solutions such as waste management, energy production, rainwater harvesting, and vernacular concepts that take into consideration the refugees' culture, religion and tradition.





One of the refugees who I have tried to help, and whom I have spent a lot of time with passed away a few weeks ago. I wish to build a first village for the maximum number of families before the end of the year as a tribute to his memory.


Abdullah was 20 years old in 2014 when the Myanmar army raided his village. His parents told him to flee with his two siblings - a younger brother and sister .

His brother was shot by the military that same day. Abdullah fled in the jungle with his sister who died after a few days from starvation.

Abdullah had to leave his sister's body in the jungle and continue walking. His parents asked him to go to the harbor and find smugglers to go to malaysia .

After reaching the harbor and finding the smugglers, he realized that he didn’t have enough money to have a place in a boat.

Desperate, he decide to use the most common, cheapest way to escape; another kind of boat where peope can board with a third class ticket.

This means that he got on a boat which stored fish. Under the fish, they smuggled drugs. Under the drugs, they smuggled people. For 4 months, Abdullah rode on this crowded boat. There was a very limited supply of clean water and food. After over one hundred days on this boat, they reached South Kuala Lumpur.

After this long journey and few weeks on this promised land, he was arrested by immigration , put in jail for 2 years. In jail he was abused in countless ways. He was beaten up, had cigarettes extinguished on his skin, and more.

Once he was finally out , he started his process with the UNHCR to obtain a refugee card .

During this process he had to go to the police station to get a document, but instead he was arrested and put in jail again for 2 months.

After a few weeks, he became sick and was transported to the hospital emergency room.


He was 20 years old, he had blood cancer, and his weight was 40kg. His name was Abdullah.


Abdullah passed away on June 1st, 2017. Alone, and with no medical assistance or treatment, he passed away in pain and suffering.


The nonsense of the laws put the refugees in a very hard situation, by the law they are not allowed to work legally even if they have a UNHCR refugee card and officially  recognised as an asylum seeker, but at the same time, and in a total contradiction, they have to pay 12 times what a citizen pays for healthcare !!!


Please support us and share our project, every donation is important. Even $1 can make the difference for these forgotten people. Your money in the West goes much farther in the East.










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Le 3 novembre 2017
teresa sanchez
with best wishes for tis people in need
Le 15 septembre 2017
Steve Treichler
We are the parents of Jon Treichler. Keep up the good work!!
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Yassine Youns