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Dear animal ❤️-ers, welcome to my PETA fundraising Money Pot!


1.4 million animals die each year because they are victims of animal testing, including the use of cosmetics and 400K coyotes are killed each year for fur in the U.S alone 🙈 🙉 🙊 ! The number is just astonishing! As you know I feel very strongly about animals and veganism, that's why I've been campaigning for animal rights and working closely with PETA UK charity (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals). I decided to launch this campaign because I wanted to get more “hands-on” in the fight against animal cruelty,  especially when it comes to the unethical make-up testing  🐶 🐮 🐭  and using animals for clothing (check out my new video at PETA HQ in the updates section).



My mission is to support the charity and their work in raising awareness about how much suffering goes into animal testing and obraining fur. I believe that no animal should be poisoned or killed for us to wear a pretty lipstick or mascara or a winter jacket. It's really sad knowing about all the atrocious and inhumane experiments and practices that take place everyday and not much is done about it...So here I am campaigning 💪🏻!


Please join my fight! It would be amazing if your could make a small donation and help me share this money pot page on your social media (Twitter/Facebook/Instagram) to spread the word! When sharing it please use the hashtag #LWfundraiser to have a chance to WIN one of the lipsticks from my Basic Bitch cruelty-free makeup line! Let's all be a part of something good and stop wearing animal blood on our beautiful lips or bodies! 💄 👄  🙎🏽



Find out more from my YouTube video:



PETA is internationally recognised as one of the leading and most influential animal charities in the world. They focus on campaigning against issues of animal cruelty that include topics such as factory farming, fur farming & animal testing. Any issue that involves animal cruelty is on PETA's radar and you can be rest assured that they will do everything in their power to put a stop to it. 


BUT, they need funds to do all this amazing work, funds that don't come from nowhere.  

If you are an animal lover, or want to help put a stop to animal suffering, please donate. 


  • 100% of your donation will go to PETA UK charity
  • Give however much you want
  • All payments are secure

Thanks so much for getting involved and supporting this cause!

Lucy Watson



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4 April 2017, Lucy Watson wrote:

As you know we were running a small giveaway of my cruelty-free lipsticks. The lucky winners are=> @OMGitsEve @MissPennyMay @kirstymcdougal


Once again thanks for your generosity and support. The money pot will be still runing for the next 2 months and then all donations will be sent over to PetaUK charity via a bank transfer. 👍

23 March 2017, Lucy Watson wrote:

Hi guys! As mentioned earlier, I've visited PETA UK HQ last week to find out more about the current campaign that they're running and how I could support them with this money pot. On top on raising awareness about cruelty-free make up, I'd like to draw your attention to how much animal suffering goes into making a Canada Goose jacket... Please help share this video to spread awareness and raise funds for the charity. Thanks so much!!!





16 March 2017, Lucy Watson wrote:

Thank you everyone for all your donations so far ❤️ ! Let me know if you donate - I'm giving out 3 Basic Bitch lipsticks to three donors as a thank you! I'll also be sharing a special video from my trip to PETA headquarters shortly to show you how your money makes a difference!

6 March 2017, Lucy Watson wrote:

Thanks so much for your generous donations! Any amount donated would be amazing! We still have a few weeks to go till the end of campaign, please help me share this money pot and spread awareness. Fingers crossed we get more donations flowing it to help protect animals and support PETA UK's efforts in the fight against animal testing! yes

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23 March 2017
Antonia Patricia
It would be fantastic if one day all products could be free of any kind of animal testing!
17 March 2017
natalia parker
Hello Lucy! I am so glad you're doing this, i am so against animal cruelty, it breaks my heart. Regards , Natalia Parker



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