Chiswick RFC London to Paris Bike Ride

Organised for: Niall Skinner

Welcome to the Chiswick RFC London to Paris Bike Ride Donation Page

A (semi) elite selection of players from Chiswick RFC have set themselves the challenge of riding from London to Paris which is a grueling 290 kilometres which they aim to complete with 3 days of constant riding (minus the odd sleep).


We're doing this to raise funds for two causes dear to our hearts:

1) The Royal Trinity Hospice, where one of Chiswick's former coaches Rocky Skinner spent his last days bravely battling cancer.

2) The Chiswick RFC clubhouse, which, though steeped in charm and history, is in desperate need of some TLC! 


Any contribution will make a big difference and go a long way to helping The Royal Trinity Hospice and the club with some much needed funds. 



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Collected out of £5,000
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102 Contributions

Organised by

Niall Skinner

John Pullar-Strecker contributed £40

Steve Fallows contributed £30

Rob Udwin contributed £20

Mike Drayson contributed £10

Simon Allen-Clarke contributed £45

Andrew Bell contributed £20

Evie Reid contributed £10

Richard Eggleston contributed £20

Dan Bentick contributed £10

Kirsty Findlay contributed £10

Roger Cattliff contributed £100

Laura Hazell contributed £10

Sophie Smith contributed £20

Andrew Hele contributed £30

Mulready contributed £25

HughnJude Matthews contributed £10

Charlotte Wassell contributed £20

Mike Li contributed £20

Tristan Coates contributed £30

Jonathan Gibson contributed £10

Thomas Adams contributed £20

Annabel McAllister contributed £10

Rowan Tonkin contributed £50

Ellie & Iain contributed £20

16 August 2017
John Pullar-Strecker
Well done Rory & team ; hope you make your target. JPS and family
31 July 2017
Rob Udwin
Well done all! Great effort.
22 July 2017
Richard Eggleston
Congrats boys, great achievement and for some fantastic causes.
22 July 2017
Roger Cattliff
If only you'd made Ben cycle back as well, I would have contributed far more
17 July 2017
Sophie Smith
Congratulations Ben and to all the boys for doing something amazing!
15 July 2017
Tristan Coates
You boys will do anything for a piss up!! Love Hallet on the van... running ops on how much booze he can get home in the van!!! My thighs are built for sprinting so let me know when you're doing the Keirin x Love the cause... amazing. Love you all x
14 July 2017
Rowan Tonkin
Great job you massive bunch of legends!
14 July 2017
Ellie & Iain
Good work!
14 July 2017
Samuel Davies
Great effort lads, well done 👍🏼
14 July 2017
Gavin Nichols
Well done guys!