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Kitchen for homeless refugees and homeless locals in Thessaloniki, Greece.

Our project is well established by now. We expanded our work. Kitchen now cooks 2 hot meals a day and distributes to streets and parks in Thessaloniki and to one of the camps nearby. Our Facebook page is the best source of daily updates on our work. We are a small private group and cooperate with several groups in order to make our entire operation possible. Winter in Northern Greece is severe and there are still about 61.000 refugees in Greece. Small volunteer initiatives such as ours are flexible and adapt to daily needs quickly and efficiently. We are doing our best to cook on daily basis and the need is not smaller but bigger every day. Please support us with as much donation as you can afford. We can provide a hot meal for as little as 30 cents. And daily need is for 100-400 people.  Food, water, sometimes sweets for kids :) Ok, so much for now. Thanks to everyone, thanks for helping us feed the people.

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Le 12 décembre 2017 Mojca Cesnik a écrit :

Dear supporters, dear people, hereby I wish to thank you all for fantastic support and contributions on this donation page. The page is not designed to give personal Thank you note to each and everyone of you, but here it is, from the bottom of my heart: THANK YOU

The Soul Food Kitchen still operates on the same premises in suburb of Thessaloniki. It has been renovated recently by one of the funders Pixi, because he is a handy man who can do just about anything :)

Pixi has been absent for a while now, he needed a well deserved holidays. But we have other fantastic people, who coordinate all activities: purchasing food, cooking, cleaning, distributing, coordinating volunteers' work.... This is a whole lot of action. Demanding and sometimes brings people to the edge of abilities, but we never missed a day of preparing food for people. And that gives us all a special pride and satisfaction. Special Thanks to our eternal fantastic co-funding partner "Philoxenia-Food and kindness in action". Without Anja this all would not be possible.

Never forget, that you, our supporters, are "guilty" that our operation has been running without a day break since July 2016. Bravo for all of you and bravo for us. Thank you all again. And again.

Please follow our Facebook page, see fresh photos of our work and keep on supporting us. As sad as it is, the number of refugees does not decrease, so we have no intention to stop being present where needed. "ONE LOVE"

Le 9 mai 2017 Mojca Cesnik a écrit :

Hello, dear friends of our Kitchen! It's been a while now since I last offered some updates. But now I'm freshly inspired, after returning from Thessaloniki. I worked in the Kitchen for 2 weeks and enjoyed every moment of it. THE Kitchen improved a lot from the starting points. We now have hot water. We have 2 fridges. We have electricity, covered living room (in front of the kitchen), inox tables for chopping veggies&fruits, few new kitchen appliances....tiling of the cooking place is coming ensure easier cleaning around cooking and packing area. So we are never just quite satisfied but think of improvements. Why? Because we still consider this a longterm project. People ARE still on the streets, parks and abandoned buildings. As long as they are there we will cook. We wish that need for our food ends tomorrow, but it won't. So we are staying and improving ourselves as we go. Currently we provide between 120 and 160 meals for lunch and same for dinner. Every day. Healthy and fresh and hot vegetarian (vegan) food (still stick to approximately 30-40 cents/meal). We serve also hot tea. We buy bottled water. We pay gasoline for distributing the food. We pay cooking gas. So you get an image of our daily costs. So much for now. Please follow our (almost) daily news on SOUL FOOD Kitchen Facebook page. We work with smile and with heart. Thank you for your kind support! Mojca

Le 16 janvier 2017 Mojca Cesnik a écrit :

Hi people. I've been away from this page for a while. I went to Serbia for 3 weeks to work with Northstar grassroot group in Kelebija on Hungarian border. Our Soul Food Kitchen contributed a donation for tea/coffee/sugar for Daily community center for refugees waiting to cross to Hungary. And I dedicated my 3 weeks to that cause personally. It was tough. Minus 15 degrees, winter winter winter, people sleeping outside in a "jungle" and coming to our daily center to warm up in heated tent (support from MSF). So contribution and my time were worth it. I don't publish photos from Kelebija mainly because I don't want to expose people's faces. But I just want you all know, that part of your money went to Kelebija to people who suffer in Serbia under inhumane conditions and yes, money was spent on warm sweet drinks. But that is the only warm thing they get during entire day. So I will only say THANK YOU ALL. Again and again. It seems that our work will not stop. Although we wish it could. We wish to have NO people in need. But it's unrealistic we will keep on doing all possible to support them in any way needed. Bih hug to all of you! Mojca

Le 15 décembre 2016 Mojca Cesnik a écrit :

Dear Supporters, I am used to thank every donator personaly, but that is not enabled on this platform. I lso know that I sent the customized Thank you note twice to some people. I know it sound redicolous, but I can't manage this new platform yet :) I hope you will not hold it against me :) Thank you all for every euro. You can follow our work and progress on Facebook page. Go there often, please. It's a very informational page and funny too :) Have a great end of this year and a good jump into new one. I wish us all ALL THE BEST! heart ONE LOVE heart

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Mojca Cesnik
Le 8 août 2017
Özgün Oruc
All my best wishes and lots of love to all the beautiful people living in Thessaloniki!
Le 5 juin 2017
Rita Viegas
I think you know already my unconditional love for this project and the beautiful amazing people working for it ;) May you all continue to be a light, brightening the world for all of us :)
Le 13 avril 2017
Marianne and Fiona
Keep up the amazing work, Pixie, love Marianne and Fiona xxx
Le 3 mars 2017
Sent with love from Refugee Aid Stroud, including Andrew & Pauline who worked with you in Thessaloniki xx
Le 12 février 2017
Frida Valtersdóttir
Thank you for your great job! Love to you
Le 1 février 2017
Daniele Fritz
Le 12 janvier 2017
Hi - a small contribution from us in Stroud, UK - our volunteers Andrew & Pauline recently worked with you in Thessaloniki and say "Hi Pixie!" Lots of love from Refugee Aid Stroud x
Le 14 décembre 2016
Patrice Keenan
Thank you for the work you do
Le 4 décembre 2016
Alejandra Kirmayer
Thanks for your great and hard work!!!