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Lebanon Refugee Appeal - Childrens Winter Clothing Packs

Organisé pour : LE Solidarity

LE Solidarity is fundraising to complete emergency winter clothing packs to go out to refugee kids in Lebanon at the end of November. EDIT: These packs were unable to get to Lebanon in the end due to aid blocks and were redirected to go on a container to Syria with Muslims In Need.

For the last month we have been collecting items for, and making up packs of winter childrens clothing to send to refugees in need in Lebanon. The refugee situation in Lebanon is very volatile, and volunteers on the ground struggle to get aid where it is needed. We are also heading headlong into Winter, and temperatures in Lebanon are plummeting. To get aid out efficiently we are working with other East Midlands refugee action groups to make up and send pre-made labelled packs to be handed out swiftly.

We have a huge number of packs that are almost complete, but missing one or two items. Our most needed item is winter coats.

We are fundraising to buy the additional items needed to finish these packs, and help hundreds of children survive the winter.

LE Solidarity runs with zero overheads and so you can be sure all of the money donated will be spent immediately on these items. To track the progress of this campaign please join us on our facebook group.

Refugees will die from the cold in Lebanon this winter. We just want to try and keep the number of children to a minimum.

Thank you so, so much for your support!

For more information on the refugee crisis please go to the UNHCR website.

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Le 17 janvier 2017 Sophie Cottis-Allan a écrit :

Thank you so much to everyone who donated to this! As discussed before, since we are unable to get aid through to Lebanon at the moment we diverted these items to Syria, with a few of the also going out to camps in Greece - both places where they are desperately needed. Thanks to these funds and the tireless work of many volunteers we were able to send just under 1000 winter clothing packs, as well as purchase some nappies as well.

As soon at the container gets there we should get an update from the charity One Ummah who will be distributing these items, but until then...


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Le 7 décembre 2016
Sarah Pancholi
Hi Sophie, here's some money towards the container. Good luck getting it all to where it's needed. Sorry I can't help with the big sort. x
Le 24 novembre 2016
Katie Morris
Sorry, I couldn't get the coats I was ordering delivered in time so hope this helps a bit. I wish I could help with the big sort out but I've got to work. Good luck with it all.
Le 22 novembre 2016
Della Cohen
Thanks for all the fantastic work being done at LE Solidarity xx
Le 16 novembre 2016
cathryn gathercole
Sorry not to have been able to help with collecting and sorting - hope this helps with the fantastic work you and others are doing!