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Why should you support Llandovery YMCA?


Do you use Llandovery YMCA?  Were you ever a member of the youth club? Have you received support and care from the services operating from this place?


For the first time in 25 years, Llandovery YMCA is experiencing a short term funding gap. There are a number of contributing factors. Staff have been made redundant and the redundancy payments have to be met from the current budget and for the last month or so the YMCA has been prevented from opening and therefore has lost all the income from room hire.


Some staff will continue as unpaid volunteers and we have a large number of other volunteers prepared to give up their time to reopen the YMCA as soon as possible.  We need urgently to raise about £15,000 so that we can continue the invaluable work for the whole community.


What can you do?


  1. You can show support by becoming a member of Llandovery YMCA. Please ask for details through the Support Llandovery YMCA web site.
  2. You can give either through this service or directly to Julie at the cat rescue shop if you prefer.


Please do not undervalue your gift. The 'widow's mite' may be all that we need to bridge the funding gap so, give as much or as little as you are able to within your means.


Llandovery has lost so much. It does not need to lose the YMCA. We have enough income from rooom hire to fund our ongoing costs providing the centre is run on a volutary basis. lt was successfully run this way for many years and if necessary can do so again!


If you need to discuss anything with me please get  touch. 



01550 777149 


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