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Anna's new wheelchair

Anna's new wheelchair

Welcome to my money pot!


I am Anna, I was diagnosed with Friderichs Ataxia when I was 14, a progressively more degenerative illness with symptoms not dissimilar to MND though with slower progression. This slowly took away my mobility and by the time I was 16 I was needing to use a wheelchair every day, however this wheelchair only allowed me to self propel inside and my world got smaller and darker. When I was 21 a charity called Action for Kids considered me a kid and helped me fund an outdoor powered wheelchair; the Alber Adventure. It totally opened up my world and allowed me to go to places that I just couldn't  for at least the previous 5 years, everone else takes an afternoon at a country park for granted. The first holiday after getting the chair was to The Lake District and I can't explain how liberating it was and my world grew and grew.


Although the Alber Adventure is a great chair, it has now had 11 years of hard use, it is no longer manufactured and so it has a couple of major faults now that just can't be sorted out. It has served me well, and in that time it has allowed me to volunteer as a Rainbow, Brownie and Guide leader including taking my Guides to Switzerland, taking the Guides on camp, and to Somerset, taking the Brownies on unit holiday and plenty of walks, orienteering, treasure hunts, sports days and wide games in the New Forest and parks. I also volunteered at Scout Eurojam in Essex, on Brownsea Island for the Scout Centenary, a Scout Jamboree in Ireland and hopefully at The World Scout Moot in Iceland this summer. I have done my Duke of Edinburgh and Queens Guide awards and enjoy dog walks pretty much every day, some  in the New Forest some other local areas. I always had an adventurous streak as a child an outdoor powerchair allows me to be who I want to be and desperately don't want to have to let that go.


I need to replace the Alber Adventure, however the replacement is going to cost £13.608 as this is how much I have been quoted by All Terrain Wheelchairs (01952 471255 - Quote 1285)

I hope to be doing a number of challenges and sponsored events to be actively work for these funds.


  • Should this be funded be the NHS? - The NHS are only responsible for an everyday chair, not this.
  • Are you applying to charities? - Yes however I am only eligible to apply to a few charities for grants and the maximum awarded is usually about £2500.
  • Shouldn't you have just saved for this? 2 years ago Dan and I bought a house. We kept back some savings for an extension to the house to improve the access and for a replacement chair. We were told that we would be eligible for some statuatory help with the building works for access; but we were then told we were ineligible so we were forced to spend all our savings on creating access to our home.
  • Does this site charge fees? - Yes but it is one of the lowest around. 2.9% (for money pots over £2,000) although if you prefer you can donate to me or the wheelchair company directly.

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