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Not Corona alone - water means life for children in Gambia Africa

Not Corona alone - water means life for children in Gambia Africa

Dear friends and donors of our water project for children in West Africa Gambia

Thank you for the interest and the help for the project '

We pursue a 100% donation policy. All of our work is done by experienced and dedicated volunteers. "DNPG provides help, support and assistance to affected areas. Emergencies, disasters and other conflicts.

Development Network Platform Gambia (DNPG) charity projects include building educational institutions, power (solar) and water supply projects, helping villagers start their businesses, and more. The project work of the Development Network Platform Gambia is based on donations.

We no longer build wells, but we build boreholes with a depth of approx. 32 meters for clean drinking water. This ensures clean, drinkable water. The water is fed from a tank directly to the faucet using a solar-powered pump. Wells are not clean, often dead animals at the bottom of the well and other contaminants, and often no water in the dry seasons because the level has dropped.

Children Those living in urban or rural poverty regularly have little control or choice over the water they consume. In a Gambia where restaurants and hotels where tourists can get clean water anytime, anywhere, it's hard to imagine that children and their families in he same town or village can't do it.

Water contaminated by fecal coliforms or E. coli often leads to health problems. Over 90% of deaths from waterborne diseases are children and adolescents.

In The Gambia, many people spend hours every day fetching water that is not drinkable. It is almost guaranteed to bring disease and death to your community. Drilling waterholes to provide everyone with clean water is one of the most cost-effective ways to save lives and end extreme poverty.

With just one click you can participate. Give as much as you like, small and large contributions are welcome.

You can donate anonymously that only the amount appears or the name without an amount. All payments are secure with Sofortüberweisung, VISA, Mastercard or Giropay. Why Leetchi? Because it's clear, transparent and quick

Thank you

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