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NGO Efficient Women (Djibouti)

NGO Efficient Women (Djibouti)

Hello everyone & welcome to this money pot!

    We are raising funds to support the launch of a new NGO, Efficient Women, based in Djibouti (East Africa).

    Efficient Women (EW) is a local association whose goal is to train house staff and empower them to find a job, gain dignity and financial stabilty.

    Goal: To contribute to the fight against poverty and to support socio-professional insertion of women youth through training to work in the area of housework.


    • Train housekeeping staff (cleaning ladies)
    • Train home managers (the home managers oversee staff)
    • Train cooks
    • Train parental assistants (nannies / baby-sitters)
    • Insure functional literacy in French & English.

    KPIs: 60 women will be trained in the next 6months. These women will be fully equipped to start a job gaining in dignity and financial stability.

    Thank you for your contributions!

    For more information:

    Address: Heron Djibouti

    Contact: +25377086188

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    NGO Efficient Women (Djibouti)