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Help me to help kids in Sierra Leone

Organisé pour : Street Child

Help me to help kids in Sierra Leone

As every single year, British charity Street Child organises a marathon to support their longterm work in Sierra Leone.


Street Child takes care of children

The main ambition of the charity is to help children who live on the streets of Sierra Leone towns. Their objective is to identify those children and get the understanding why they live on the streets. Afterwards, they try to reconnect and reunion them with their families and to help the families to achieve a better financial situation in order to be able to take care of their kids.


How can we help Street Child?

Not all of us can help physically but we can all help by providing a small financial help that will allow Street Child charity keep to help the children in Sierra Leone.

My plan is to travel this May to Sierra Leone as part of the trip organised by my company and to help Street Child charity for couple of days. That's when your donations will be handed over to Street Child. If I will be lucky I will also run 10km there. All your generour donations are very highly appreciated!

For more information please visit or


How am I planning to use your donations?

My aim is to collect 3.000 EUR (any smaller amount will be also a great success) that I am aiming to use this way:

> in case our travel will get supported by our company the 100% of your donations will be handed over to Street Child

> in case our travell won't get supported by our company the 70% of all your donations will be handed over to Street Child charity and the rest will be used to support of the travel 



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Le 15 avril 2014
Laure Gallet
Hey Nat, hope you'll make it there and get the chance to use these kids like you do on the photo... Good luck with the project! that's really cool! and let's learn a few songs so you can sing around when you're there!!! Laure
Le 8 avril 2014
Rad jsem Ti prispel. Drzime Ti palce!
Le 6 avril 2014
Agustin Cruz
Keep the good work Natalita, you are making a difference :-)
Le 1 avril 2014
Dufam, ze sa ti to podari! Drzim palce.
Le 31 mars 2014
Drzim Ti palce.
Le 31 mars 2014
Drzim palce.