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Nandri Trust Association supports underprivileged families

Nandri Trust Association supports underprivileged families

Hello everyone & welcome to this money pot!

Nandri Association India public charitable Trust aims at enabling women to earn their own money and thereby to make their own choices and become self-reliant through tailoring and stitching projects.

Since 2009, some underprivileged and poor women from rural and very backward villages around Mahabalipuram (Tamil Nadu-India) are identified and enrolled in the Nandri Trust Program.

Opening up this tailoring training and job opportunity does not only provide them with a salary but also helps to raise confidence and to increase the weight of their voice and their share in decision making processes within their families.

The Nandri Trust Program is structured around 3 steps that are all interdependent:

1- The 10 months intensive tailoring course within the Nandri Trust Tailoring Institute based in Mahabalipuram provided for free. Here the women learn the basic sewing, stitching and tailoring skills and thereby enabling them to continue with us in a professional working environment.

2- After the training the women are given the possibility to join our sewing studio as permanent staff. All the employees have followed and completed the Nandri training course.

3- Childcare: these women mostly mothers, poors and without family support struggle for sustenance during the training. It is to meet their needs that we created a small kindergarden. the “Nandri Kids Villa” where the mums can earn professional skills while their kids are properly taken care of. The entire structure is managed by women who took part of the program.

We started the project back in 2009, the rental cost were entirely covered by donations till now, we were facing some difficulties to cover all the training costs (buying the fabrics / materials and sewing machine) and insuring meals all year long for the women and the kids. In the mid long term, the goal for Nandri Trust was to be self-sustained without having the need for any monetary support from the outside.

Unfortunately, because of the Coronavirus pandemic, all the ladies in our association no longer have jobs, some of their husbands have also lost their jobs and all these families are struggling to survive with this health crisis. Our association is trying to raise funds to support these women and their families. Your donation is important and precious during this special difficult time! It will help 17 ladies and 36 kids from villages around Mahabalipuram!

Thank you for them!

200 rupees = 2 days of meal for 1 family

(200 rupees = 2.23 euros)

(200 rupees = 2.73 USD)

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