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my vibe quiz

my vibe quiz

why you have to know your vibes with vibe quiz?

Well in this article we want to talk about one of the terms. A term that at the same time has a huge and deep meaning.

I want to start the discussion with an example. Imagine sitting in the waiting room for a doctor's appointment. You are alone and there is no one but you. Suddenly the door opens and someone enters. How do you feel the first time you look at him? You will surely get the first feeling, good or bad. At first glance, you might even feel what he thinks or what sport he is interested in. What is this vibe and where does it come from? And you have probably asked yourself thousands of times what vibe do I give off and what effect I have on people?

Do we all have this vibe? What role does this vibe play in our lives? Can you understand what my vibe is?

Well now we want to define this basic feeling. This vibe is a reflection of people's thoughts and feelings that have merged with his experiences over time.

Why you are happy or sad to see someone without saying a word to them. All of these vibes give us a not-so-clear picture of people. And to some extent, they allow us to adapt our behavior to them. This means that this initial perception, which is related to the vibe of the other person, helps us to predict his behavior towards us. So we can take an approach to talking to him that we know is in our best interest.

How do we recognize what vibes do I give off or that of others?

Well, there are several ways to do this. But the most accurate and fastest way is to use a vibe quiz. You must complete the vibe quiz first. Then, based on this initial result, start recognizing your thoughts and feelings.

Ask yourself what vibe do you give off? Try to understand how you feel and what effect you have on people. To do this, you need to know yourself well.

In order to be able to influence someone the way you want, you need to know your vibe and control it well. You have to be brave and ready to change. Prioritize. Always keep in mind the question, what vibes do i give off in any situation?

Talk to your parents and friends about good past experiences and days. Try to be like the child the world belongs to. Smile from the bottom of your heart to make a positive impact on others.

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