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Organizado para : This will help me finish my teaching diploma

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My name is Kelvin M. Salmon. I'm from Costa Rica... 


I'm a certified Spanish and English teacher that want to improve my skills finishing my university degree.


Study here in Costa Rica, well, is not easy as you can imagine... The salary rates here are really low in comparation with the expenses, my life as example: a basic grocery shopping is around $400 per month and my salary now is of $800 taking out the insurance that is around the 6% and on top, my rent is $300 (cheapest rent here) and the internet cost is on $50(something I need to keep updating my teaching skills)...


Of course, I have two jobs to keep going on life, but is something I want to is improve on myself, professional and have healthy way of living.


Having two jobs doesn't give me time to finish my studies, nor to pay for it because I don't make enough eather..


That's why I'm here, asking for help...


This quantity ($7000) I calculate it thinking of that the university is around 6 hours away from home and that I need to quit one of my jobs in order to go to clases... That money, should help me with the transportation every weekend for a year of study, pay the university, help me with my day a day regular expenses like rent, internet, foods, etc.


This is my very first time asking for help on the internet, so I hope it works...


You don't need to donate a lot, from $10 to $10 you can help get to the top.


Thank you very much you all.


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  • Any help will be greatly appreciated.
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Thank you very much again for your help.


I really appreciate it!!

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Kelvin Michael Salmon Peters

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