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My Health&Education

My Health&Education

heartWelcome to My Campaign for support for my Education and Health needsheart

This is a request for your help to get me through my studies and back to good health. To do this I need a safe place to spend the next year, and I need financial support to get this. Please read my story and share, and if you can contribute with donations, short term loans, or by referring me to other people that can support me that would be welcome. Thank you for reading on and helping me to gain a sense of security for my future. 😊

If you know me, then probably you already know this, but for those who don’t: I describe myself as a dancer and a teacher from Iran. I wish I could dance and educate others with the spirits and knowledge related to dance until the end of my lifetime, as I believe it has so much power to make changes to human lives. This is why I started studying Choreomundus Masters in Dance Knowledge, Practice and Heritage, a special programme that involves four different European Universities. I started this programme in 2018 and I was due to finish it this year in the UK, and although it has been wonderful, the current pandemic on top of other issues have meant I am far behind from finishing and therefore I need further support to complete this programme.

I have encountered many challenges with my mental and physical health in the past year of my studies, and now I must find a way to achieve two goals: recover my health and complete my degree. To achieve these I need to stay close to the institutions of my programme and away from my home country that has harshly been hit by Covid19 and faced with even more of severe political hardships (started back in Nov 2019) and therefore a place of no peace and safety (for also political reasons for me personally). Also, I must find my way through all the uncertainties that surround me; I am not entitled to work legally and Covid19 has made everything in this regard even more complicated. This is why my plan to travel to Australia for a reunion with my brother is not possible at the moment. My visa for the UK ends in 3 months, and I need to go to somewhere that will let me stay, and continue studying for another year to get my life on track.

Upon an offer of pure love and kindness from an academic friend in Sweden (also a traditional dancer), I am able to stay with her while I regain my health and complete my studies. I can apply for a visit permit for up to 12 months, and this should allow me to recover in peace and security for some time. Even though my friend is offering sponsorship for food and accommodation, to make sure I can gain this permit (as I am Iranian and therefore not favoured for being granted), I must also show a bank account of at least 12000 Euros (capability to survive for 12 months without her support). I am unsure yet if I will be allowed to work at all with this permit, but I cannot rely on this as a possibility despite wishing to support myself. I have saved as much as I can from my scholarship for this master’s, but with this coming to an end imminently I will not have enough without your help.

Right now, I am standing in what feels like a thick fog with my suitcases packed. I must prepare myself to continue this battle, and it certainly is a battle. I am also fighting for my health at the moment (both mental and physical), trying to get treatment from an overstretched system that is running at much lower capacity due to lockdown here in the UK. This year in Sweden is my chance to get my wings back, to continue building my chances for a PhD/job next year in the subject I love; dance.


1. Health & Education Matters: If you wish to donate to my educational and health goals, to get me through another year and help me towards my future I would be of utmost appreciation and gratefulness. You might not believe, but even 5-10 pounds per person can make a big change for my safty, health and education, if I receive from many.

2. My Residence Permit Application: I am only asking for donations. If you instead would be willing to lend me a sum to support my resinedce permit application that would help me also. The more money I have in my bank account before printing the statement for the application, the better. I can transfer this money back immediately after downloading my bank statement. Please contact me personally to discuss this if you feel able to help me in this way. MY CLOCK IS TICKING! I must hurry to submit my application by July 14th the lattest, as the waiting times may be considerably lengthy.

3. Share My Campaign: I would be so grateful if you could share this with people you know who might be able to help.

4. Contact Me: Please reach me at my email or facebook “Shouresh Pouya” for anything related to this campaign if you needed to or if you thought you have suggestions.

Thank you for your time and care to read my story.

Wish health, a safe place to live, and happiness for all!

With love,


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