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My dream has always been to study in Japan

My dream has always been to study in Japan

Hello everyone & welcome to this money pot! 🌸

With just 1-click you can help a person cover school fees, expenses, flight ticket and also change my life forever making my dream come true !☺️🌈 ☄️

I want to study japanese in Japan now that students are allowed to enter the country again !

I can alredy speak basic japanese but I really want to speak, write and read japanese well, I also want to visit some good people I know that lives there, but most of all I want to stay in a japanese room, go to conbinis, have a part time job there, study the laguage that I love, walk around the streets as I always dreamd of, I have always seen Japan through pictures, videos and movies, I really want to live it myself, that's the place I always wanted to live at least for a period since I was 15 years old, these days when i think about Japan and imagine that I'm walking there, I almost cry because I know "I can't" or "it's not posible and never will be"

For the last years I've tried to save money for Japan, but I just have a lot of life problems, so at end it never happens and right now I'm stuck in a life that I don't like, I've always attended "what it's important" but right now after my little girl (My chihuhua) passed away I realised I can't continue in this loop and no matter how dificult and imposible now it seems to go to Japan, to live and study there, I won't give up, I will keep trying till I get it, but sometimes we need help.

I have a big dream in Japan, and studyng japanese there i'ts only the beginig ! japanese laguage can open many doors. This is the dream of my hole life, that I will keep fighting for, I will be so grateful if you would like to make it come true with me and see through my journey.

🍥I apreciate it so much❤️🙇‍♀️

🍥 Helping me will also help people around me and encourge them to live and make their dreams come true as well, specially my younger brother 💕

🍥I will make a video thanking everyone that helped me once in Japan and live streams ! ! ✈️🗼 📹

🍥Give however much you want, anything helps, I am grateful no matter how much it is 🙇‍♀️😊

🍥All payments are 100% secure 💴

Thank you so much! ありがとうございます ! 🌸🙇‍♀️

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