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1st Holocaust Memorial Northafrica

Organisiert für PixelHELPER Foundation gemeinnützige GmbH

THE FIRST HOLOCAUST MAHNMAL IN NORTH AFRICAA sign against persecuted minorities worldwide. The construction of the first Holocaust Memorial in North Africa is intended to serve as a source of information about the Holocaust for schools and the general public.

If every block says more than a thousand words. Construction started on 17.07 for the first Holocaust memorial in North Africa. We set up steles to give visitors in the labyrinth of gray blocks the sense of helplessness and dread that people had in concentration camps back then. We want to create a place in North Africa that brings memory to the digital age. With a livestream, the spectators are present at the construction site and can use your donations to influence the number of workers and blocks to be built. The more people watch and donate the bigger the Holocaust Memorial becomes.

The Holocaust Memorial in Marrakech is said to be the largest in the world. 5 times the size of the Berlin Holocaust Memorial, more than 10,000 stone steles will be built around an information center that will educate visitors about the Holocaust.

The Founder of the PixelHELPER Foundation, Oliver Bienkowski, looked for his surname in the database of Yad Vashem and found some entries, then he looked where the next Holocaust Memorial is in Africa and found only one in South Africa. Since it is like half a world trip from Morocco, he decided to build a Holocaust memorial on the PixelHELPER site. The neighboring properties are all empty, so there is space to build at least 10,000 stelae.



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