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Help these Kids to Keep their Home! Mundo de Niños Peru

Help these Kids to Keep their Home! Mundo de Niños Peru


Help Mundo de Niños !!!




Mundo de Niños is a non-profit organisation located in Trujillo-Peru.


For the past 19 years we have been working with the children of this region - with the aim to improve their living conditions and to help them to live a life with better opportunities. 

Many kids here live in difficult circumstances such as dysfunctional homes, alcohol or other drug addictions, physical, sexual and psychological violence and abuse, prostitution, promiscuity, delinquency and abandon. More than 150 of these children have found shelter at Mundo de Niños during the last 19 years. Many of them were successfully reinserted into society. 


Currently there are living 12 boys aged 8 to 16 years with very different histories at Mundo de Niños. Some of them have been living here for already many years, others for some months. Some have seen a lot of different orphanages, others spent almost all their childhood in Mundo de Niños. Some of the boys have families, some don’t...

But all of them consider Mundo de Niños their home right now!


Because of Funding Problems their home is endangered. And this is why we need your help!!! 


Right now we cannot assure that Mundo de Niños will keep running next year, but while there is every possible thing done to find new long-term funding, we still need to survive the rest of 2019. In the case of continuation this time is as important as in the case of closing because the transfer and the preparation of a change like this needs time. Also the school year in Peru ends in December which is an important point to reach.


Many of the boys are already behind their actual age in school. With all the emotional distress that a transfer brings there is a high chance of not finishing this year for them. In the case of a re-integration into the families we unfortunately can’t count with the fact that they all would keep on going to school…


The security of a stable home is very important for the development of a child, especially if it has already had traumatic experiences before. We can see in the behavior of the children how difficult it is for them to handle the insecurity that we are facing right now. An abrupt shut-down would be even worse!


Mundo de Niños provides education, values and most important affection. As well as psychological and therapeutical support to help the children work through and overcome what they have experienced. The aim is that this allows them to face their future with better opportunities.



Whatever you can give will make an impact here and will help the children here to keep their home.



All your donations will be directly used to keep Mundo de Niños running and will cover the costs for food, education, administration, hygiene and cleaning products, Birthday and Christmas celebrations and much more...


To cover all these expanses we need about the following amount in Euros:








If you have any doubts or questions, please do not hesitate to contact us:




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