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Organised for: Médine Tidou

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I am a French-Ivorian photographer based in Berlin. I started photography approximately 10 years ago with a canon Powershot holding on to the saying stating that “Its not about the camera: the camera doesn’t make the photographer”. Scanning the photographs of my past heros Henry-Cartier Bresson, Diane Arbus, Josef Koudelka, I learned to sense moments a microsecond ahead and remove any distracting element that compose modern photography, to focus on situations... moments of life.  


As a child trapped in a grown-up reality sharing my very own perception of the world through the camera objective, I naturally evolve as an autodidact towards black and white photography; with sometimes a glimpse of color and illustrate the decadent fairy like reality around me. By stealing bits of lives I encounter, my fragile universe plays the role of a distorting mirror in which I  invite  the viewers to see themselves with another perspective sometimes funny, trashy or baffling. I refuse the normal in life and the most ordinary becomes extraordinary, the awkwardness is now poetry.  


I grew up in Ivory Coast, a country which experienced a 15 years war. It’s perhaps the simplest way that I found to protect myself, than rewriting reality and playing with the perception of it. I extend the borders of street photography with a grain of subjectivity. 

Years passing and complementary to my street photographs, I added a new string to my bow and starting working as a studio photographer.  


I recently had a misadventure in which my camera and photo equipment got stolen, making me more and more frustrated not to be able to take pictures as fast as I breathe. The worries became more and more about the camera: a camera. Indeed pictures are a way for me to feel alive, express my ideas, to share moments, give to others and tell stories.  


Since then, I have been trying to find ways to gather some equipment that will allow me to continue to shoot street and studio photographs, but I will be able to do it only with your help. That's why I started this crowdfunding project and it will be divided in two phases:  

- Get some equipment for street and studio photography and continue to take photographs. 

- Organize an exhibition in Berlin at the end of the project with some of the pictures I will take thanks to your participation.   


At this stage of your reading, I will kindly ask you to visit my website and come back here when you are done: 


So after looking at my work, if you like it or think you can help me to continue with it, feel free to support this project with a donation. At the end of the leetchi project, I will pick up some of you and send you some special rewards that Ive prepared to thank you for your support.


Thank you. 

Médine Tidou.

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Médine Tidou