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Mr Happy's Liman Hotel Version 2!

Mr Happy's Liman Hotel Version 2!

i have been serving independent backpackers for the last 30 years and god knows I believe in karma, how many good things we had and good friends all around the world we had and we grew up together and we did so many good things together and we created an incredible huge family. We made it on the top, and we didn't save money but we saved more value, but somehow we unexpectedly lost our business. We don't want to disappear and leave control with idiots. Wewant to continue and have a place where everybody feels like they have a home from all over the world. to come without any questions, to stay, to share, to eat, drink. With or without money.

it will belong to everybody. there will be no owner. this places owner will be travelers. I doon't want to lose you. I want everyone to be together. and the Mr Happy must go on.

My name is Mr Hasan, Mr Happy, but I want to continue. i have a job. It is not just for money, it is my soul. I want to continue. I don't want to lose you. I want to see you every year. I want to continue, just like the old days - laughter. Share our problems. share our happiness. A place where everybody feels so comfortable and gets a solution for everything. Problems. They know they have a place they can send their family. I am not asking for a donation or money for free. I am asking you to be with me to create a place for everyone. I am not asking

buy a coffee, buy a breakfast, buy a breakfast. Buy a dinner, buy a glass of wine 1 night accommodation. Package week, 10 days, 2 weeks. Turkish bath, Ephesus tour,

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