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Mongol Rally

Organisé pour : Les Mongoles Fieres



As you probably know the Mongoles Fieres - a proud team of 4 girls is taking part in the Mongol Rally 2018.



The Mongol Rally is an epic intercontinental charity car rally

The journey officially starts in London with its final destination being Ulan Ude in Russia.

We will be driving during 6 weeks through the mythic Silk Road ; crossing 2 continents, 5 mountain ranges, 2 deserts and more than 20 countries.

In cars which top speed rarely exceeds 120km/h, the teams choose the route of their choice and their cruising speed to reach Siberia. ​


As a charity rally, the participants are required to raise £1000 for charity

that will be given to two different charities : the Rally official charity 'Cool Earth' and a 

NGO close to our heart First Things Foundation.


Also this journey comes at a cost :

- The car, spares, repairs & fuel  -

- Food, Accommodation & Equipment -

-Visa, flying back, scraping the car & admin -


If you're a friend, colleague, secret lover, parent forced to go on our website or even random stranger/stalker... please help us !

We've designed some fundraising packages for all budgets :


  • 15€  Eternal gratitude and that's a lot ;-)
  • 25€  A postcard from the place of your choice
  • 50€ A photo of us in the place of your choice (you can even request the outfit..!)
  • 75€ A gift from the country of your choice. 
  • 75-150€  A ride aboard our car when we're back from our journey
  • 150€ and more: Flight tickets to join us in Turkmenistan (if only we could.. !)



For more info on our little adventure, have a look on our website:



Have a look at our chosen charities :


Cool Earth:


First Things Foundation:




-  Team Mongoles Fieres

Victoire, Margaux, Solene & Louise


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Le 23 mai 2018
geraldine kremp
Vous devrez promettre d'être archi prudentes. Votre site est canon et vous êtes merveilleuses. Je vous souhaite une belle aventure. (pour moi le mois de juillet va être horrible!)
Le 29 avril 2018
Pauline Quirin
What a great trip! Good luck girls!!
Le 12 avril 2018
paul-louis lepine
Looking forward to my photo ;) I got 2 months to think of a good outfit ^^
Le 23 mars 2018
Raph Bour
de la part de la famille BOUR ! :)
Le 19 mars 2018
kathleen vanden eynden
vive l aventure! Je viendrais bien avec vous , pour l intendance😜! Profitez, decouvrez, partagez et revenez nous avec des souvenirs de beaux sourires et des etoiles plein les yeux! Kissss