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Money pot for Arvin's artistic projects

Organised for: Arvin

Hello everyone & welcome to my money pot!smiley


I have created this money pot for all friends and family members who would like to contribute to my upcoming projects.


As some of you may know, I am starting with a friend of mine an audio engineering company called Brick District, where our work is to polish other artists’ creations to make them sound the best for different environments (cars, earphones, theatres, clubs, etc.). 


In parallel, as I am passionate about photography, I would like to work in this field to generate some additional revenues while developing my audio engineering company. 



As such, I need to invest in some equipment (gear) for my future projects in audio engineering and photography, for which I don't have sufficient funding.




Thank you very much for all your contributions (large or small) and any other form of support you may provide for my projects!smiley



Organised by

Arvin Emtiazi