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Saving Eddie

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This is sweet, little Eddie.  He lived on the streets in Romania and has been abused and tortured.  His tail was chopped off, he was hung from a tree in a metal snare round his waist and left to die. crying


Then he was hit over the head with a metal bar with a spike in it: it missed his skull saving his life, but made a large hole in his nose.  A tissue-eating bacteria got in through the hole which destroyed the inside of his nose and is now in the bones of his skull.


He needs specialist veterinary skills to save his life which his Insurance will not cover. I am appealing for funds to cover his treatment.


Our local vets say they cannot treat him so we were referred to the oncology department of the Practice set up by a famous TV vet in the UK, who says Eddie can be treated. But our Insurance company will not cover pre-existing conditions.  We have already spend £2,000 on his diagnoses, CT scan, anaesthesia, tissue cultures, laboratory tests and IV drips.


Everyone at this Veterinary practice fell in love with him and says he is such a deserving case.  They all immediately suggested crowd-funding - which is why I am coming to you lovely peoplesmiley


The vet has two plans, plan A and plan B.  Plan A is the simplest and cheapest and will cause Eddie the least suffering and it is funding for this for which I am appealing.  The tissue cultures suggest that this bacteria is vulnerable to specific antiobiotics which is good news. The major problem is that it can be hard to get at once it is in the bone, however, this is the plan which the vet favours.   


Plan A is to give Eddie 8 weeks of very specific and targeted antibiotics in the hope that they will eradicate the infection: then the vet will carry out plastic surgery to close up his nose.  


We need £6,000 to cover this.


Plan B will necessitate surgery to open up his nose further, pack it with gauze, drip antibiotic into the gauze twice a day as well as giving it orally, and then a later, more complicated reconstruction of his face.  We are hoping to avoid that if possible, and I have no idea how much that would cost.


Eddie has survived seven years of hell: he has travelled across five countries to get to us and we are now his forever home.  We will do whatever we possibly can to help him have a happy, safe and healthy second half to his life.  But at the moment this looks as if it may not happen unless we can get on top of this bacteria which is eating away at his face and head.  Despite his past Eddie is a loving, sweet, little dog who still trusts humans and wins the hearts of all who meet him.  He follows me round the house and ask for nothing more than to be safe, sitting by the feet of someone he loves. heart




Can you help him?  Thank you so much for reading his storylaugh


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  • Give however much you want.  A very small amount from a lot of people is all it will take.
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Thank you from us, and of course, from Eddie!

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Le 2 novembre 2017 Susanna Hawthorne a écrit :

Thank you all so much who have helped us manage to give Eddie his operation.  Words can never express how much this means to him and of course to us.  You are all the most generous and wonderful people. laughlaughlaughlaughlaughlaughlaughlaughlaugh

Le 2 novembre 2017 Susanna Hawthorne a écrit :

Eddie has just had his operation to save his nose, his face and his life.  The antibiotics appear to have killed the tissue eating bacteria which had colonised his skull and yesterday he had an operation to close the hole.

This is what he looks like today:

Le 1 septembre 2017 Susanna Hawthorne a écrit :

Eddie now has his own Facebook page: it is called Saving Eddie and is @eddiesnose to differentiate it from other pages.


When this moneypot page for Eddie expires you will be able to follow Eddie's treatment and progress and life by going to his facebook page:)


For two weeks I will keep it an 'open group' page but after that time it will become a 'closed group' page and people will have to join and be accepted.  I have been advised that this is necessary to avoid trolls posting upsetting, irrelevant or alienating posts, or advertisers jumping on the bandwagon.  


I hope that all of you kind, wonderful people who have helped Eddie so much will join to see what you have been able to make happen!!  His treatment is going to take some time: a minimum of a couple of months on antibiotics, then I expect further tissue culture to check whether the bacteria has been killed before reconstruction can take place.  So although it will be a long haul, I will keep you posted at every step of the way so that we can all join in the happy ending which I really hope is going to be the result:)heart  xxxxxx

Le 27 août 2017 Susanna Hawthorne a écrit :

'Superheroes Fitness' in Royston are going to organise a fund raiser by sponsoring Eddie!!!!!

I am sending them information and sponsorship forms this weekend.


In Sheffield, a local cafe in a garden centre has asked for a collecting box and a poster to put on their counter:) I am busy organising that at the moment and will take Eddie in to say thank youlaugh


Words cannot describe my gratitude for everyone who is helping with this crowd-funder.



Le 27 août 2017 Susanna Hawthorne a écrit :

Milly Johnson has written an article for the Barnsley Chronicle:  so kind of both her and the newspaper:) 


Le 23 août 2017 Susanna Hawthorne a écrit :

Thrilling news!!!  The Barnsley author, Milly Johnson, has just posted on Facebook that she is going to make an auction for Eddieheart


She says: - 


"In the next few days I'm going to try and raise some cash for Eddie by auctioning off the chance to name a character in my 15th book.  I will consult the winning bidder so the character is relevant and I'll make sure upon publication that the winner receives copies of the book and 'all the gubbins'.  I do hope you bid and share for me. xx"  


This is just so thoughtful, kind and generous of Milly, I'm gobsmacked!!!!!!!!


Folks, please go to


or Milly's Facebook page, and share, share, share.  


Thank you all so much from the bottom of my heart for all you are doinglaughyeskiss

Le 20 août 2017 Susanna Hawthorne a écrit :

Thanks to you wonderful supporters Eddie began his first round of antibiotics on 18th August!!  Of course it is far too early to see what effect they will have yet but I am going to begin a Facebook page for him so that you can all follow his progress once this crowd funding is finished.

He swallows them down in a spoonful of food like an angel:)  One thing about these poor rescued Street dogs is that they are never fussy about food: they are just so very pleased to have anything at all to eat.  I have been frequently asked at the Vets what either of these two like to eat, and my answer is always the same, "Just food".  Not having to scrounge, fight or hunt for food, or go hungry, is just such a blessing for them.laugh

Le 16 août 2017 Susanna Hawthorne a écrit :


Eddie sending big licky kisses to everyone who has supported himkisscheekyheart


Le 16 août 2017 Susanna Hawthorne a écrit :

And it's out, online at the moment:)


So very kind of the paper!!!

Le 16 août 2017 Susanna Hawthorne a écrit :

Sooo excited!!  A local newspaper here in Sheffield may be going to write a story about Eddie and send a photographer to take photos.  Will keep you updated and send a link when I have one.  So, many continuing thanks to you fabulous, kind, wonderful people, and lots of stumpy wags and licky kisses to you all from Eddie. xxx

Le 15 août 2017 Susanna Hawthorne a écrit :

I thought you would like to see this photo of Eddie at the pub!!  His back end is withered because of the damage to the muscles from the metal snare: if you look closely you can see where the hair changes at his waist. The hole in his nose is all full of gunge and scab so you cannot see it so clearly, but isn't he the sweetest little soul, with pleading eyes full of hope. heart


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Le 13 octobre 2017
Julie Ariza
Really really hope you reach target.poor Eddie.its just unbelievable.its so sad.
Le 29 septembre 2017
Kim Oliver
Hope this amount helps towards Eddies treatment
Le 29 septembre 2017
Kaylie Russell
I hope all goes well for this sweet poor boy. Thank you for saving him
Le 10 septembre 2017
Sue Watkin
love this little fella to the moon and back xxx
Le 10 septembre 2017
Shelley Ayres
Good luck Eddie you beautiful boy xxxx
Le 8 septembre 2017
Valerie Demetriou
I think you are doing an amazing job by sponsoring beautiful Eddie so proud
Le 4 septembre 2017
Shahid Mohammad
small contribution but i hope it helps.
Le 2 septembre 2017
Lou Malcolmson
Hopefully u get the amount u need an more for eddie.his injuries r horrific.I dont know how n e one cud do that to another living creature ! X
Le 2 septembre 2017
David Irwin
Good Luck Eddie :)
Le 1 septembre 2017
Michael Townsend
I currently have 2 rescue dogs from Romania who are fit healthy and loving life in England My sincere best wishes to you and Eddie