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Misuhuko Medical Center

Misuhuko Medical Center

Misuhuko Medical Center is a clinic located in an isolated village of Musama.It's  a project set up to improve medical care for around 72,000 people of Nyabihanga commune who don't have access to medical care provided by medical doctors.

The clinic is an initiative of Dr Mugisha Aimé in collaboration with Evangelical Friends Church of Musama supported by Irish Quarker Community.


Apart from treating people from their physical deases,our clinic has several projects to improve life of the local population such as:


  • We protect environment by using green energy in our clinic (solar panels and biogazes)
  • We have project that improve life of people living with disability (in our staff we have workers living with desability)
  • We take care people living with HIV
  • We promote family planning
  • We fight against malnutrition
  • We have special care for pregnant women and children under 5 years old
  • We do give immunization
  • We have program designed to train next generation in medical field



For more details,visit our website :

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Misuhuko Medical Center