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Minecraft in education

Minecraft in education

Microsoft has created a special platform for teaching with Minecraft - Minecraft: Education Edition. It is almost identical to the standard version, and the main difference is a set of new tools created specifically for teachers. The game has class boards, teleporters to quickly move around the map and the ability to monitor the movement of students. The game also features "camera" and "portfolio" tools that allow students to quickly record and send results remotely.

Minecraft: Education Edition is primarily a tool for teachers to illustrate a lecture. Especially for this purpose, the system has several map templates for specific lesson topics. They can be downloaded in advance and edited to your liking - adjust the complexity, create NPCs, rearrange locations, change tasks.

The presence inside the simulation of a historical period or the plot of a classic work helps students remember information, and various quests stimulate solving problems and equations. Such lessons turn into collaborative work, which the teacher can monitor online, analyzing the results of each student immediately.

Today, teaching with Minecraft is directly related to Minecraft: Education Edition. Of course, the game allows different enthusiasts to adapt it for any lectures and presentations, but foreign teachers have long moved to a specialized platform.

This is probably the first time that a popular game has become a full-fledged tool for school education.

In theory, you can use Minecraft to teach anything. But in practice, it's a little more complicated. For certain subjects like math, Minecraft: Education Edition is perfect, with quests and geometric shapes giving you a lot of room for ideas. Physics and other subjects for older students are more difficult to adapt to Minecraft.

Of course, you can always limit yourself to a series of quests in which the student must solve a problem to advance further on the map, but this is the easiest and least effective way. Practice shows that adapting the game features for a particular science works better - the same quests can be made as varied as possible.

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