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Minds At War

Organised for: Minds At War

Hello everyone & welcome to this money pot!

Unfortunately our veteran community is suffering an epidemic of untreated PTSD and related mental health issues due to chronic lack of government post service support.


This lack of support means that we have a massive amount of ruined lives within our veterans community and a disturbing rate of suicides also.


The Minds At War team work tirelessley to prevent suicides and give much needed support and therapy to those that are most in need. We provide a safety net where possible for those that come under our radar and need your help to keep our service operational and expanding


Our team is currently totally volunteer based and we need funds urgently to be able to operate and expand our first responder helpline, travel across the country in every day emergency situations, pay for therapists for ongoing support, and other general running costs.


Please give generously whatever you can afford and you will be helping us immensely to change lives and save lives. - Thank you in advance Minds At War

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Norman McGuigan
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