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How to Avoid Split Infinitives in Essay Writing? Tips

You have probably heard that rule against split infinitives. That you should never, ever, ever split an infinite. Even if Star Trek did it, you can’t. That’s the rule.

To split or not to split. That is the question. Well, it is not because formal English makes it perfectly clear that you can’t do it.

I know, right now, you must be struggling. You are probably thinking “Who can help me write my paper for free?” Well, that’s only because you don’t fully grasp the concept.

But the question is why?

Well, you really need to know what a split infinitive really is. Then we can see how to avoid it.

What is a Split Infinitive?

Well, a split infinitive occurs when you place a word, or a phrase, between a common combination of words.

This common combination is the infinitive and the word or phrase you place between it will cause it to split. Hence the name of the error.

Take this very famous quote from Star Trek: to boldly go where no man has gone before.

Here, “to go” is the infinitive, and “boldly” is the split. Grammatically, it is wrong. But movies are given certain leverages.

Unfortunately, you are not.

So, here is how you can avoid them.

Avoiding Split Infinitives

Yes! It is totally possible that you write my essay without split infinitives. And I am about to tell you how.

#1: Recognize the Infinitive

If you want to avoid splitting the infinitive then it is only obvious that you know what the infinitive is. Lucky for you it is easy enough to recognize one.

An infinitive is usually made up of two parts. One is the word “to” and the other is a verb. Like “to go”.

So, whenever you use a phrase like that, just keep it as it is. There is really no need to modify it and accidentally create a split.

#2: Recognize the Split

Again, recognition is important. Once you know the infinitive, you will be able to recognize the split easily enough.

It’s the word that is sitting in the middle of the infinitive. Or, when you read a sentence, the word or phrase that makes no sense at all is the split.

For example, if I write “Students should try to whenever it is possible to avoid the use of split infinitives.”

It is obvious the “to avoid” in the infinitive and the phrase “whenever it is possible” is the split.

#3: Practice

Practice really does make perfect. If you want to avoid the use of split infinitives then you will have to practice your sentence structuring.

This may seem like a childish task but try to make as many simple and complete sentences as possible.

In this way, you will come to recognize the split and the infinite over time. And when you recognize it, you stop using it. Simple!

#4: Don’t Split Common Phrases

This is really the easiest solution if you are plagued with split infinitives and don’t know what to do.

You must know the common phrases that occur in the English language. Well, leave them as it is. Do not touch them. Do not modify them. Just leave them.

If you are going to use them, then use them as it is. No changes.

This will help you avoid a great many split infinitives.

Well, that’s all the help I can give!

This is all that I know about split infinitives. Now, if you think you can’t handle all of this then I can help you a little bit more.

If this is the case, then contact a paper writing service so that you can get professional help. Place the order and your problem will be solved.

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