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Michael Clifton - we want you alive!

Organisé pour : Michael Clifton

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Le 11 décembre 2015 Evi Leupold a écrit :

we say big big thank you to all who donated money and sent all those comments of love. Michael received everything and it helped him a lot, to have good last days without worries about money at least. He wants evrybody to feel good about him, cause now he is free without pain. He wants a colourfull funeral full of music. All performers shall come over. We'll keep you updated. 

Le 11 décembre 2015 Evi Leupold a écrit :

We had to face it all the time but never believed it could come really true. Last night our dearest and craziest friend Michael Clifton did his last check out. It must be only because they urgently need some great jazz music and outstanding entertainment in heaven. MC - we miss you so much and love you forever!!!!!  don't hesitate to click like. It's a like for taking care and loving MC.

Le 27 octobre 2015 Evi Leupold a écrit :

Our dearest friend, greatest crazy drummer and sex body-drummer Michael Clifton has a very bad kind of cancer.  This brave boy survived a very dangerous lung surgery but he got told that the cancer is now in the liver. Doctors gave him up, but all alternative doctors see good chances for him to heal, cause this man is extraordinary strong in every way.  Please donate for him to pay good an trustfull medicine, medical care and a proper diet.

Love from Evi & Leu and certainly from Michael Clifton and his lovely wife Crystaline.

Organisé par

Evi Leupold
Le 15 novembre 2015
Julia Skelac
Hold on Mikel!
Le 7 novembre 2015
Claus Buehler
Believe in the alternative Docs. Some of the others just want your money. Yo Mike. Keep grooving! Play the drums and heal yourself with rhythm! PEACE! Claus
Le 4 novembre 2015
Charly Dedessus le Moutier
give my best regards to Michael and we want to see him in the next Moisture festival. Get well brother.
Le 3 novembre 2015
Evi Leupold
with love from Sophia
Le 31 octobre 2015
Deniz Keles
Ich wünsche Michael alles, alles Gute!
Le 29 octobre 2015
Daniel O'Brien
Michael, We love and miss you... get well. You're one of a kind... Danny O'Brien
Le 29 octobre 2015
Evi Leupold
for the one and only indispensable with love from Shelly
Le 29 octobre 2015
Katherine Bragdon
Hello Michael! We're all sending you big love and cheering you on from Seattle. Thank you for touching our hearts in such a serious ... and humorous ... way.
Le 29 octobre 2015
Till Pöhlmann
super Evi, vielen Dank fürs Organisieren! Alles Gute für Michael!
Le 28 octobre 2015
wolf settgast
ALL the best for Michael ! Wolf