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Money for being able to Live better

Money for being able to Live better

Hello everyone, Thanks for Checking By!


Hello, my Name is Sebastian.

I am 20 Years old and I´m living in Germany. I am Asking for money, to be able, to make my life better. I got Financial difficulties since I got scammed with a used Car, which I now can´t Drive. I suffer from Depression and Borderline Personality Disorder since December of 2014 and I am in Therapy since Mid- 2015. Most of my School Life I´ve been Bullied because of my ADHD which really gave Me a Hard time. Right now I am visiting a IT School for rehabilitation and integration of people with disabilities but the Money I have availible barely is enough to help me get through the Month, I usually end up with financial depth at the end of the Month which goes Through to the next month...

So I am asking you for Money, to be able to buy my Medicine, soon buy a car with less mileage, since my current car is almost broken down after 13 years and 160 000 KM. With the money I would also be able to have a Holiday with my Girlfriend which would make me Really Happy.

Feel free to donate any amount you want to.

Thank you Very Much!


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Hagendorn Sebastian