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It is with great pleasure and emotion that we may announce that thanks to your kind support and contribution, Mae Bounma is now fully part of the Mekong Elephant Park family.


It is all thanks to your generosity, through online donations, through direct donations, through visits to the park, through your help in spreading the words. It is thanks to YOU.


You have directly sponsored to her happiness and we could not have done it without you. Her new life now will be all about friendship, being part of a community and having fun in a natural environment.


Thank you again on her behalf and we, as a team at Mekong Elephant Park, will make sure to keep fighting for every elephant we can!



We strive to keep fighting for every elephant we can, to educate and raise awareness about elephant preservation for both locals and tourists. There are still many elephants out there suffering the same hardship that Mae Bounma has gone through, and we want to put an end to as many sufferings as possible.


Of course, we can’t do this without your help. Unlike Thailand, in Laos, no elephant sanctuary is supported by public subsidy. Your support would help contribute towards:


  • The preservation of the Asian captive Elephant: Today the species is critically endangered
  • Allow us to undertake reproduction initiatives: Only one elephant calf is born for every 10 that die
  • Save others elephants from the logging industry by offering alternatives to mahouts and their elephants
  • Provide supplementary foods and needs
  • Cover veterinary expenses (drugs, transport of the team, …)

Any donation is more than appreciated but just as spreading the word by sharing this link or visiting us.


Let us all work together and give the elephants back their life.



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Wendy Leggat
Le 6 mai 2019
Ingrid Titova
Hello Wendy I’m a friend of Mary Newey, your Dad’s cousin. I am so grateful there are people in the world like you doing this work. Ingrid xxx
Le 7 avril 2019
We heard about you and the elephants from Johann. Thank you for taking care of them and keeping them safe.
Le 18 mars 2019
En souvenir d'une journée inoubliable ! Pour un parc qui mérite de grandir... Bravo à Wendy!
Le 18 mars 2019
Catherine CARDINAL
Bravo pour votre beau projet! Tous mes voeux de réussite!
Le 14 mars 2019
Sophie et Francois
Bon, on aurait bien donner des milliers de dollars pour Mae Bounma et pour que vous puissiez continuer l'excellent travail que vous faites au Laos! On vous soutient, de tout notre cœur, et on en parle autour de nous! A bientôt et bravo Wendy!!!!
Le 22 février 2019
Très beau projet, Mae Boun Ma mérite une nouvelle vie. Merci au Mekong Elephant Park de cette initiative.
Le 22 février 2019
Merci Wendy pour ce moment fabuleux passé au Mekong Elephant Park. En espérant que Mae BounMa ne quitte jamais ce petit coin de paradis !
Le 10 février 2019
Quel projet ! Bravo à vous pour vos efforts en espérant que vous allez atteindre vos objectifs !
Le 10 février 2019
Fantastic work Wendy. Carry on.