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Medical and safety supplies to aid the firefight in the Bolivian forest

Organised for: Ignacio Seoane

Hello everyone,

We need your help. Our national parks are being burned to the ground. In the areas of Robore and la Chiquitania the firefight on the ground is ongoing and we are in need of specific resources.

I have been in contact with with local fire departments and voluntary rescue organisations such as SAR Cochabamba to inform myself of what is currently needed. 


This catastrophe is leaving behind many injured animals, and because of the hot climate, their wounds are a death sentence without proper veterinary medications. On the other hand, firefighters require safety equipment such as goggles to help them carry on.


If you have thought about donating and don't know how, I will personally facilitate SAR with as many of these items that I can muster and I will upload proofs of purchase. It is preferable to direct our efforts towards trusted non-profit organisations instead of government offices because they are more transparent.


If by any chance proceeds exceed my expectations, I have the network to help determine the most efficient way to direct our efforts.


Thank you all in advance.



Organised by

Ignacio Seoane