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Mass vaccination campaign in Imsouane

Organised for: Imsone Project

Mass vaccination campaign in Imsouane:

Due to the parvo outbreak, we are ordering vaccinations to run a mass vaccination campaign in imsouane for both tagged and untagged dogs.

It’s going to be costly, and hard work to catch them and vaccinate them all.

The price of a full vax dhpp is 20€.

With this vaccination, the toilets and bathrooms of our shelter will not be full of agonising puppies. Vaccinations is the solution.

Please consider buying ONE dog the beautiful present that is health.

Allow ONE dog to be care free about viruses buy buying ONE vaccination.

It takes 20€ for 365 days of peace.

We need over 100 shots.

It’s 2000€. Let’s do it !

Thank you very much!!


Organised by

Fanny Suzanne Janine Belle
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