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Maria needs you!

Organisiert für UNAforWomen

This is Maria, a 12 year old girl from Kerala who is raising her two younger brothers together with her grandmother. Both parents are gone, and with her grandma constantly getting more fragile and often being bed ridden, Maria is struggling to perform well at school, to take care of what is left of her family and to keep her dream of becoming a dancer alive.


Like Maria, so many girls in rural India cannot adequately enjoy their childhood nor do they have access to their human rights as children and girls.


UNAforWomen offers help, in terms of career advice, tuition, trainings and financial support as well as medical care. Please support Maria and the many girls who face similar situations by donating today!


You can give us much as you want through this secured website and be assured that you will make a difference in Maria's life! 

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Daniela Pichler