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our broken health system leaves my mother with no salary for 2 months

our broken health system leaves my mother with no salary for 2 months

Hi, I'm Rose (on the left), and this is my beautiful mother (on the right).

I never ask for financial help because I've always managed more or less alone (or thanks to my girlfriend), but today I need your help so that my mother can pay her bills and live her life without worrying about her bank account hitting -1500 euros.

She has been on sick leave from her work since february, because of severe back problems. My mother has been working in factories since we arrived here in France in 2005. Where we lived before, in England, she had worked already around 15 years in restaurants, hotels, and bistrots, but apparently the French workers do not want to accept the fact that 15 years of experience in England is not equal to 15 years of experience in France. Before you ask why : it is a racist problem, one that has always existed in France. My mother is from the Philippines, and her spoken French does not correspond to the classical French of the "Académie Française".

So, as I was saying, she has been working in factories here since 2005, and if you've ever worked in a factory, you will know that the working conditions are close to -10. When I was a teenager, I would see her come back from work at 10pm, absolutely knackered, in physical pain, and emotionally damaged by the existant factory conditions that nobody will talk about because their opinion never matters. In France, this is how it works: conditions are kept secret, because secrets will save a company. Secrets will get you money, here.

My mother has always done her best to put a roof over our heads. I've moved out since I was 18, but have never been able to help her financially (apart from perhaps a few times where I would lend her 100 euros, that she has always given me back. She is divorced from my dad who gives her the minimum of financial help, so that isn't enough. I love my dad but when he left my mum he didn't think about how hard it would be for her to cope with two kids and never any stable jobs.

She is in pain physically, she suffers from intense back pains and some days she can barely move her left shoulder. This is what you get from 15 years of experience in a factory. The pain isn't from the 15 years as a chef in a restaurant, which she would have gladly continued if someone would have given her the chance here.

As I was saying before, she was on sick leave since february this year. This is a paid sick leave, as we hve those in France, but it is a strict minimum. Last month she had an appointment at the doctors who took her off sick leave, so from the 05/09/2020, she no longer has the financial help of the health services here. This wasn't planned, she was supposed to get the help she needed until the 05/10/2020. She was supposed to still get one month of financial help. Financial help that was supposed to pay her bills in september. She didn't know that she wouldn't get the financial help until today, 29/09/2020. So, instead of letting her know that she should look for a job immediately after 05/09/2020, the health services (and I have no fear in denouncing them, the CPAM du Finistère I'm looking directly at you), let her go until the end of the month waiting to receive the money that she had planned on receiving, only to send her a letter today telling her that she will indeed get no help at all.

I have written a letter to the health services demanding justice for my mother, but also for other people who may be in this situation. I have made phone calls, but have always been told that I could not contact the director of the health services or the higher personnel of the doctors that work for them. We boast about France's health system, when it works, because sometimes it works. Other countries don't have this health system, and I know this. But when we have a system that is supposed to be working, you count on this system, sometimes, especially if you are a financially unstable human being. However, when this system that you're counting on does the most selfish shit like this, justice must be demanded.

My mother has never bought things for herself, it has always been me and my brother that came before her own wellbeing. It has been 20 years since she hasn't been able to go back to the Philippines to see her family. 20 years. She lost her father during that time. My mother is the most selfless person that I know. She is an extraordinary mother and she has always helped me and her loved ones. Now, I just want to help her. She deserves this.

Donate if you can, just a few pennies is perfect. My mother is also religious, so if you can't give anything perhaps you can keep her in your prayers?

Thank you.

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