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Luana’s Dream

Organisé pour : Luana

My name is Luana and I am in a dead end.

I came to the United States as an Au Pair for one purpose only; to succeed in the music industry and become a great singer. Currently I do not have much time. I left everything to come to this country, my dream destination where everything is possible and achievable when you give yourself the means.

I have been fighting for a very long time and I still hang on because I have goals and I have to reach it. I only have one option: to succeed.

Currently I am taken by time and after thought for a long time, I have no alternative but to create this collect to raise money. I do not have any resources unfortunately. As an Au Pair, I am paid very little; $ 4.35 / hour, and the little money I earn I use it to finance my projects in music.

To be able to stay there is a solution; to enroll in a school so that I get a new visa.

I need support. I need help. So that’s why I’ve created this money collect. 

I need this money for my school, for my lawyer who will help me get my visa and to rent an apartment. I need you. It’s only thanks to this collect that I will be able to get out of it. I count on you and your support, so please help me. I have 3 weeks to make things happen and I will be a thousand times grateful if you help me realize my dream.

You can also go to my Youtube page "Luana Joy" to discover my music. I write my texts, I compose my melodies and I supervise from A to Z my video clips. I am ambitious, hardworking and perfectionist and I constantly need to outdo myself. My only challenge is myself.

If I leave, it will be a failure. The failure of my life that I can not bear to live.

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