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Lizzie's birthday fundraiser for our climate

Organised for: Lizzie. Receiver : Earth day network

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I have decided to make a fundraiser for earth day network, because I care and spend a lot of time worrying for our climate. It would mean a lot if you want to help me raise money for this organization, who is doing a good job at making a difference. 


"As the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day approaches, the time is long overdue for a global outpouring of energy, enthusiasm, and commitment to create a new environmental paradigm. Earth Day 2020 can be the catalyst that galvanizes an unparalleled global collaboration."


"At every turn, EDN works to broaden the definition of “environment” to include issues that affect our health and our communities, such as greening deteriorated schools, creating green jobs and investment, and promoting activism to stop air and water pollution."


"With our partner organizations, EDN provides civic engagement opportunities at the local, state, national and global levels around the world. Recognizing that climate change impacts our most vulnerable citizens first and most severely, EDN often works with low income communities to bring their voices and issues into the movement."Read more here:



Thank you!Cover photo: Emily Wright, DN Graphic

Organised by

Lizzie Nordentoft