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Live with Adrian Leeds

Organised for: Oliver

Hello everyone

What are you doing on Wednesday night?


Why not come along to see The Earful Tower interviewing Adrian Leeds, the beret-wearing, house-hunting, real-estate legend, who'll be tackling the topic of "Why Invest in Paris".

And she should know. She's been a property consultant in this city for years!


She will answer: 

Why Paris? Why do we live in Paris? Why invest here? What makes Paris so great...especially when recent reports claim Paris is so expensive?


For just €10, you can be a part of the audience.  And be sure to stay around for a drink or two at the café. (And bring cash to get those tote bags the whole city is talking about).


The show will be streamed live in a closed Facebook group: The Friends of the Earful Tower. This group is $5 a month and has live streams from Monthly Live Interviews. Sign up for the group here.


When: Wednesday April 18th, 7pm. Come from 630 for a drink!

Address: 22 Rue de la Folie Méricourt, 75011 Paris

Tickets: €10 per person. 

Note: Seats are strictly limited to 40 spaces, so don't delay!




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