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LIVA’s little coin pot

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Hello my dearest one. 


As you  may know, i’ve been going through some changes lately. I have left the crazy city life, to start a journey of self transformation and finding my true being, by bringing more space within. 

I ended up in India, not even really knowing i was there, but i got to realize there was a purpose. India was the door to a realization about my past life and the life i would like to have. 


In order to pursue this transformation, I had to get rid of the outer things that “was” a big part of me. From a big truck loaded with boxes, to two suitcaises, and now to only two backpacks. This is all there is left. As light as possible. Next step... discovering the world! This is where the real thing starts. There is a natural wish for me to see more and experience what the world has there to offer. 


I have become who I am also by learning from you, from our shared moments and stories. For which I am very grateful. 


So I have a wish. To travel. Travelling means a lot of money spent on flight tickets. 

To be able to make my wish true, i come to you. 

If what i’m saying is resonating with you and you feel like giving a helping hand to miss Liva, i would be filled with such joy! 


My birthday is around the corner as well, so this could transform to a very special gift. 


This is a private and secure link, I send it only to people close to my heart.




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Liva Reidzane