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Let's Have an Applied Physics Laboratory for Congo

Let's Have an Applied Physics Laboratory for Congo

UR2N is a scientific research laboratory created in 2016 in Congo Brazzaville and managed by Dr. Maryse D. NKOUA NGAVOUKA; the only female physicist lecturer in Congo. It is the first laboratory of Congo engaged in research from a theoretical and experimental physics point of view. All financial proceeds from this MoneyPot fundraiser will help to support the expansion construction of the laboratory; in order to give an adequate workplace for our scientists. The aim is to gather the MoneyPot funds in addition to existing national government agencies funds to provide a well-equipped laboratory with required norms and standards.

Please remember a small help from you through this project, could help a talented Congolese make brilliant futures tomorrow.

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We believe that everyone can help

Ongoing funds of the laboratory coming from:

-The Ministry of Research and Technology of Congo

-The Organization for Women in Science for the Developing World

-ACERA Royal Society

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Unité de Recherche en Nanomatériaux et Nanotechnologies (UR2N)