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Le Grand Voyage - Guillaume & Cassandre

Le Grand Voyage - Guillaume & Cassandre

A Motorbike Trip Around The World
The Itinerary: (Singapore - Bhutan - Kazakhstan - Mongolia - Vladivostok)

My name is Guillaume Chabrières, I am a French entrepreneur based in Asia for more than 10 years. My girlfriend, Cassandre Debonneville has always been passionate about travel, and after living 5 years in Singapore, it was time for us to embrace a new challenge around the globe.

After plenty of intensive hours of discussion, we chose to organize our first long trip around the world on motorcycles!

You can see some of our past trips on Instagram HERE with our account @adventure_motorbike_atw.

Traveling is great, with a goal it's better! To achieve this we would like to do a movie covering this long trip, and there will be two themes linked to it:

  • Meet the elders - Collect life lessons and testimonies from the elders (people 70 years old and above).
  • Gender equality - Interview women during our trip and gather information on their living conditions.

Our Journey
PART 1 -The first stretch of this trip is Singapore to Bhutan. We will depart from the Hub of South-East Asia to aim for the Himalayas and the land of Happiness.

From September 2021

PART 2 - From Bhutan to Vladivostok. The second leg of this journey will be riding West, then North, then East. It's a boomerang!

From January 2022

Where would we need you?

Our idea:

We will release the videos to our generous donors weeks before publishing them publicly. Why do we need to collect funds? Many items needed for this journey are not cheap and will require some support to make this dream journey a reality. We will share a detailed budget in the coming weeks, but you can discover a few items here below:

  • Two Motorbikes prepared for the trip, with insurance.
  • Visas.
  • Equipment for the bikes and basic survival kits.
  • Video equipment (Cameras GoPro / Drone / Charging kits / Protection gears / Microphones and lights).
  • Riding gears (We need helmets, boots, pants, jackets, intercoms, gloves, etc.)

Another item that will cost a substantial amount is our video editor. Cassandre and I are keen to shoot footages of the trip, but we wish to leave the post-production to a professional in order to get the best out of it. We often say that 50% of a good video is the editing, and we are better at shooting than editing. (Note: Let us know if you have anyone in mind?)

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