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For donations higher than 50$ or 50€ you will be given a user with privileges for life and the chance to be in contact with our developers.



Our target is to turn into the best face-to-face language exchange community in the world. Due to financial reasons and lack of human resources we had to stop working on it after 6 years.

As for now our user interface and design is not as attractive and easy to use as we would like it to be. That is why, it is important for us to improve these features and add new ones. In addition, we plan to develop free Android, Iphone (IOS) and Windows Phone apps – and yes, we do have experience in that. If you would like to learn more check our free language learning apps here:

Our project is focused on giving an opportunity to any person on the move to find a language exchange partner on-the-fly at any time, any place in the world for free. Imagine this. You decide that it would be nice to improve your Spanish language skills for work. But, you are currently in America and you only have some free time in the evenings. What can you do? Use our app to publish your current location and availability for the next hour or so. Your profile will be visible to other users nearby, so they can send you a message to meet for a language exchange. You can also be active yourself and send a brief message to anyone, so, in short, arrange a meeting with others. This gives you a possibility to not only get to know new people and improve language skills, but as well to make new friends. Sometimes for life.

Remember. offers you much more. Like, for example, planning your activities and meetings ahead. How? Browse our database by setting some parameters such as language preference, current city, age and other features. Join and create conversation group meetings though site and invite others from the community. What is more, your event will be automatically posted on Facebook so everyone who might be interested could join as well. We also give you and your language partner an opportunity to evaluate each other and make this visible to other users.

Are you a professional language teacher? Not a problem, we also have a place for you. Just post your updated CV, prefered hour rate and profile on Give a possibility for your prospective students or their parents who look for a tutor to find you. Make yourself accesible and visible. We would be more than happy to help you with that.In our campaign we will raise funds in order to improve the interface and design of our search tools and the homepage itself. We will buy a better domain to improve our position in Google. If you will decide to support us we will continue improving Lingua2.

We hope that you would like to share our passion for making language exchange more accesible worldwide.You can contact us here: 

Existing apps:

As soon as we reach the target we will start to develope the apps.

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