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Kyste Latero cervical droit_Fille de 11 ans

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Hello,An 11 year old girl has parotid cyst on her right side. She ​went through surgery before in a public hospital in Dakar, but a few months ​later​ the problem came back. There is a liquid coming out of h​er​ mouth. The ​surgery​ is delicate ​as​ ​when ​not well done, the girl may experience temporary or permanent paralysis on the right side of ​her​ face. Given h​er​ young age, ​she​ can ​have​ malformations ​as​ the left side of h​er​ face will continue to develop​ while the right side ​is ​paralyzed, hence the importance to do this surgery as soon as possible​. She needs funds for the surgery and the care that comes with it (hospitalization costs, medications, …). She really needs financial help because her dad has lost his eyesight and does not have the means to pay for all of this. Your contribution will be of great help to us.Thank you!

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Aissatou Thilor Ndiaye