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Organised for: Sunil Raman

Hello everyone & welcome to Kunjeans money pot!


Power of brotherhood

  We have seen many groups created by Kunjeans with different interest or priority. The   idea  is to be connected with self-less souls of schools. But due to lack of perfect platform   we are not able to interact the way we should. We the Kunjeans are not made just to say hi   hello on phone or to just have party with drinks. We are more than that and we have to   understand that. Kunjeans are just not a bunch of old students, it’s a culture and we have   to  maintain this culture, because we are the only one gifted with such a history. Sainik schools are one of its unique chain of school in whole universe, no other organization can even come closer to us when it comes to common thought process originated from consuming same razma chawal.


Dear brother’s, idea is to get best out of it and here is somethiong I wanted to share with you. 


We are thousands in numbers and you know what these numbers mean, we can do anything others cant. We can change the society around if we decide, we can take care of our brothers who are not well settled due to some reason. Let’s identify our loop holes and fill then with holding hand to hand.Let’s take example of what we can do:Suppose we are 1000 in a group. If even single member contributes Rs. 100 Per Month then its 12 lakhs Yearly and in five years it can cross crores. So what can be done with this fund? Party… We can do that anytime but let’s do something Great. Like Can help someone from us in time of critical medical emergency. We can donate that amount (or part of it) to some good organization working for some good cause. Can help some talented kids from any of us with money or equipment.


But please don’t take this in a political way or influencing way, this has to be nothing to do with any control of a single member.


We all know that there has been bad experience with brotherhood also but let’s not this idea go down because of few people.


We will have a group of senior members who will control this money and are proven selfless souls. And every amount contributed or spent will be update live on website. You can see list of donator’s and amount they donated with total amount collected.


For example someone needs Rs 1 lakh for medical treatment then all committee members (4 or 5 in numbers) will approve that request one by one on website with their secret 4 digit code, only then that amount can be transferred to that particular needy member. This transaction alert will go to all members on their mobile.We have to be very transparent to make it success. Faith is must and I request all to be faith full as we are, no doubt. We will not include any person indulged in bad habits like excesses drinking or excess smoker. There will be such more guidelines. We will not let this system go done with some non-sense too. 


With just 1-click you can support our brothers/sisters  in need

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Thank you!

Organised by

Ashwani Sihag