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Kenya School Urgently needs more Toilets ... Please could you Help?

Organised for: Future of Taru Academy, Kenya

Hello everyone & welcome to this money pot!


Please could you help towards funding the building of a toilet block for the children at Future of Taru Academy, Kenya


At Future of Taru Academy we are raising money to tackle a number of exciting projects. Now it might not sound very ‘exciting’ to ask for help to finish the second bank of toilets in our school but these are desperately needed and a priority. 


Our school provides vital education for children in Taru and surrounding areas as well as food every day for all the children and drinking water. Most of these children’s families live below the poverty line. They struggle to afford education and the nutritious food they need and at Future of Taru we strive to provide both, in a caring and supportive environment, giving these children the best start in life.


Due to the school’s increasing popularity in Taru and its success with examination results, Future of Taru Academy has attracted many new pupils. At the start of 2020 we had many more new students enrolling and this has brought our numbers up to over 225 children. Because of this we need to make finishing the second block of toilets a priority. – We need to expand our sanitation facilities to continue to provide our children with a safe and hygienic environment.


Recently we achieved Phase One of our project … the children now have one block of toilets and fresh, clean running water all day.


As you can imagine, access to toilets is a priority for our school. It is estimated that the cost will be approximately £500. Please help us raise funds for these desperately needed facilities for such a wonderful and deserving Charity. -  All money raised will go towards this charitable program. 


We thank you again for your continued generosity and kindness and for supporting us with this project. 



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With just 1-click you can help towards completing a toilet block for these deserving children

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