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Frozen-backside.de goes Katschi 2.0

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The more budget we have for the Katschberg session the more options we will have to organise things for you.

We will be very conservative with the spendings and note waste any money just because it is there. In case there is some budget left over, it will be passed on to the next frozen-backside.de event, e.g. carving-masters. Same rules apply for those. 


For example the TV production we expect total costs of 2000EUR but will try to tap into marketing budgets from other companies. So in best case it will cost us nothing, in worst case the TV production cannot happen.


Once completed, we will list all expenditures in the frozen-backside.de forum.


Note: This money pool will be used for costs that we would have to pay out of our own pocket otherwise. And only those costs. Not used to compensate our time or our personal expenditures.


This is a privatly organized money pool.

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