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Kaolack Orphans

Organisé pour : Orphans nursery of Kaolack





Change The World of These Little Angels; Give With all Of Your Heart





The PCEK is a platform created by young professionals for helping their region Kaolack, Senegal (west Africa). One of the objectives of the PCEK is to help the most vulnerable and needy in Kaolack.


Our Mission

The PCEK in New-Jersey is focused on helping children and our mission is to provide funds that suitably reflect the specific needs of the baby orphans. We don’t want them to feel shunned and hopeless.

Our Plan

With this all-voluntary, non-profit program, we plan on collecting usable clothing items, shoes, toys  and food to be distributed to the Lamine Koulibaly Orphanage in Kaolack.


How Can You Help?

As little a step as donating used yet appropriate clothes to orphan children will mean a lot to them. You may also participate financially that will allow to buy them clothing, shoes, toys and food. 

By your participation you will send hope and love!

Help us improve the quality of life for an orphan!



Contact PCEK  NJ: Marieme Mbodji Tel: 201-341-3093

Contact PCEK Director: +221 77 368 82 71


Donations will be send to Kaolack , Senegal (western Africa)






Some pictures of the Lamine Koulibaly orphanage.









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