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IYAFP Against COVID-19

IYAFP Against COVID-19

Hello everyone & welcome to this money pot!

About me:

As the coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to spread throughout the world, my hometown Livingstone and other parts of my country, Zambia are facing a shortage of essential equipment and patient support resources at this time.

My name is Stephen Chikwa. I am 28 years old and on behalf of youth in my region, I’m here to make a difference in my local healthcare community. I believe that young people can help lead the battle against COVID-19 preparedness and improve health equity for those around us. As a long-standing volunteer and SRHR advocate with the International Youth Alliance for Family Planning, I am committed to engaging youth in championing and leading healthcare transformation in my community from the ground up.

The mission:

To use my network, connections and experiences to leverage an online fundraiser to collect donations to supply the Livingstone Central Hospital with essential equipment such as hand washing buckets and basins, hand washing soap, hand rub/sanitizer, infrared thermometers, surgical and examination gloves, and N95 and surgical masks.

The case:

In March 2020, Zambia officially started recording cases of people testing positive with COVID-19 and this presents a burden to the primary healthcare system especially now when the prices of the equipment are skyrocketing nearly every single day. As the number of cases have continued to increase, the number of available resources goes down and hospitals have been forced to be selective about who receives treatment.

My team and I recently organized a hospital program where we will be delivering essential equipment (as listed above) to them as a one-time direct relief initiative. More specifically, the hospital that will be benefiting from this initiative is Livingstone Central.

The goal:

We need to raise $5,000 USD in order to provide the set of equipment to Livingstone Central Hospital so that they can effectively meet the needs of patients in our community. Together, we will be providing our healthcare workers, hospital and patients with the help they need as we navigate this uncertain and constantly evolving situation. So far, we have raised just over $50.00 USD through local community contributions. A donation of any amount can provide a lot of support and is greatly appreciated.

Cost breakdown:

  • $108 USD for 10 hand washing buckets and 10 hand washing basins,
  • $65 USD for 30X500 Milliliter bottles of hand rub,
  • $30 USD for 50X175 grams Tablets of hand washing soap,
  • $150 USD for 10X1 Litre of hand sanitizer,
  • $1,415 USD for 10 infrared thermometers
  • $22 USD for 20X1 AAA infrared thermometer batteries
  • $345 USD for 15X50Pair Boxes of Surgical gloves
  • $220 USD for 20X50Pair Boxes of examination gloves
  • $735 USD for 15X50 Boxes of surgical masks.
  • $1,905 USD for N95 masks (Pending supplier restock)

DISCLAIMER: Your contribution to this initiative will go straight to procuring and delivering this set of essential equipment to the Livingstone Central Hospital by May 30, 2020 This fundraising campaign will NOT be profitable for Stephen Chikwa or The International Youth Alliance for Family Planning.

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